NMA Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly

Authors’ Corner Participant Information

We are delighted to once again host NMA member authors in NMA Central. NMA Central is located in the Exhibit Hall (Booth 319). The Exhibit Hall hours are: Sunday, July 28 (Opening Reception) between 4:00pm – 6:00pm, and Monday, July 29 and Tuesday, July 30 between 11:00am – 3:00pm.

What to Expect

We anticipate having space this year for 3–5 authors.

  • NMA Central has two counter-height tables of approximately three feet of space dedicated to authors (tall chairs are provided). However, depending on the number of authors in NMA Central at the same time, we have other counters and tables that you may utilize.
  • Authors may display books, and small poster on their table as desired, taking care not to disrupt adjacent authors.
  • Authors who are participating in the Authors’ Corner must be a NMA member and registered for the conference.
  • You are welcome to occupy the Author’s Corner at any or all of the three designated days the exhibit hall will be open.
  • Authors who commit to occupy the “Author’s Corner” but fail to show or cancel will not be invited back the following year.
  • NMA Central has a storage room, which is locked after hours. You are welcome to use this room to store your books however; NMA takes no responsibility for any books left in the room.
  • Authors are responsible for packing and shipping any remaining books by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, July 30. The convention center staff may dispose of all books remaining after 3:00 pm.

Bringing Books

  • We recommend that authors bring no more than 20-25 copies of each book(s). This is a suggestion since depending on the size of your book, it may increase the weight of the purchaser’s luggage.
  • Authors may bring books with them or ship through our Convention Services Contractor. Contact us for details.

Selling Books

  • Authors may sell their books only in NMA Central or purchase a booth in the Auxiliary to the National Medical Association’s Marketplace. For information about the Marketplace, contact ANMA at 301/495-3779.
  • Authors may bring their books to the Exhibit Hall/NMA Central on Saturday, July 27 between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. If a NMA staff member is not present at NMA Central on Saturday, ask a representative from Shepard Exposition Services to place your package in NMA Central/Author’s Corner. Alternatively, bring them the day you plan to occupy the Author’s Corner.

For Additional Information

Contact Yolanda Fleming at yfleming@nmanet.org or 202/347-1895, ext. 308.

Convention Planning Highlights

Why I
Convention by Michal A. Young M. D, FAAP, FABM

The NMA Convention is a unique and empowering gathering of African Americans physicians and others of color in the health care fields. Because the NMA consists of multiple disciplines I am able to update in my field of Pediatrics as well as in other areas that are important for my own health and wellness! I am able to participate in substantive policy and political strategy discussions as well as reunion time with classmates and colleagues. Additionally it’s an opportunity to mentor students and residents of color. It is the one medical conference that I will continue to attend even when I retire from the clinical practice of Medicine.