National Medical Association Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly

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Opening & Awards Ceremony

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On Friday, July 31 at 6:00 pm (ET), NMA will officially open its 2020 Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly.

During the opening ceremony we will recognize and honor several individuals and groups of outstanding achievements and/or to the field of Medicine, health advocacy or service to the National Medical Association.

Join us to celebrate and support these awardees.

The Opening and Awards Ceremony is hosted by NMA President Dr. Oliver Brooks and Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Yolanda Lawson and will include:

Opening Keynote Address: 

Ms. Stacey Abrams,
Author, Nonprofit CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, and Political Leader

  • Presentation of Awards
  • Presentation of Scholarships
  • 125th Anniversary Highlights

Gilead Researchers Scholarships

The National Medical Association (NMA) is pleased to announce the NMA Emerging Scholars in Infectious Diseases Research Award sponsored by Gilead. Two awards will be presented this year to African American medical students who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing careers in Infectious Diseases research and clinical trials. The lack of involvement of African Americans and other people of color in clinical trials contributes to health disparities. Scholarships for minority investigators is an important way of assuring the pipeline of medical professionals working toward more equitable health outcomes.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The crown jewel of the NMA continuing medical education program is the NMA Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly, reputed as the nation’s foremost forum on African American health.  Be assured that the virtual program will still offer excellent CME sessions that will discuss a variety of medical topics and across multiple specialties.  Education sessions will feature a combination of both live webcasts and on-demand virtual content.

Highlights include:

  • Saturday, August 1: The Plenary- COVID-19 and the Black Community
  • Sunday, August 2: Edward C. Mazique Symposium: COVID-19: Testing, Treatments, Vaccines, and Public Health
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Maternal – Fetal Medicine Symposium discussing strategies to decrease the risk of maternal morbidity and mortality in Black women.
  • The Pediatric Section will provide creative and thought-providing content on a variety of medical conditions: COVID-19 lecture by the AAFP President, Food as Medicine Symposium and COVID-19 & Palliative Care symposium
  • Internal Medicine will feature several key virtual symposiums discussing the prevention and management of diseases including:
    • New Insights in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes in Primary Care: Efficacy and Safety, Based on Age and Background Disease
    • Addressing Obesity Disparities During COVID-19 and Beyond: Clinical, Therapeutic, and Dietary Inventions
    • Allergy, Asthma & Immunology will focus on the public health crisis posed by asthma in the African American community and will discuss comprehensive approach to address disparities in asthma management, morbidity, and mortality
  • W. Montague Cobb Lecture: Advancements in Sickle Cell Disease Research and Treatment

125th Anniversary Celebration

This year marks NMA’s 125th year.  We will celebrate this milestone with a soft opening during our virtual conference, continue our celebration throughout 2020 and leading up to our big celebration at the Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly in 2021 in New Orleans.

Walk a Mile with a Child Goes Virtual

COVID-19 will not stop the 2020 Walk a Mile with a Child event. You can make our 125th Anniversary and Walk a Mile with a Child a success by joining us virtually, of course! A few early ideas include:

  • Send us a 60–125 second video of you and/or your family and friends” walking (12.5 miles or 12,500 steps) or exercising for fitness and health.
  • Send a 60–125 second video of you with a “125 Theme” e.g. lifting 125 lbs, doing 125 sit-ups/push-ups. Or express your own creativity.

There’s more:

  • Health, Wellness and Environment Health Poster Contest
  • Mentoring in Medicine
  • ANMA Project Sun

Stay tuned, we have lots of fun and interesting plans in the works!

Presentation Theaters

Don’t miss the presentations from industry-experts by viewing all of the Presentation Theaters. Presentation Theaters are a terrific opportunity to learn about the latest late-breaking studies on such topics as Sickle Cell Disease, COPD, and Multiple Myeloma.


The NMA Staff is working to insert opportunities for you to network with your colleagues and others. Continue to watch the convention website for up-to-date information on these and other activities.

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My Convention Story by Vivian Pinn, M.D.

I haven’t missed an annual NMA convention since I attended my first over 40 years ago. While I belong to many other professional organizations, NMA is unique in providing both excellent science in addition to health policy and medical information specific for minority populations and physicians of color. Plus – the ability to network with physicians with similar concerns AND former students and residents is something I would not miss!

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Highlight from the History of the NMA

Edith Mitchell, M.D., the 116th President of the NMA, Professor of Medical Oncology and researcher at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University was appointed one of 28 cancer experts to provide input on Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative (2016).

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