NMA 116th Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly

National Medical Association
Orlando, Florida

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Creating a Culture
of Health Equity

Dear Colleagues and Convention Attendees:

We exist in an era where healthcare providers must not only be concerned and dedicated to saving lives but must also focus on preventing illness and disease through the use of smart technologies and medical care. Healthcare providers are more than physicians and dentists but include nurses, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionists, psychologists and health service executives—it requires a team effort to bring about the necessary changes needed to shift the health paradigm to a new culture of health. The time for change in the health system is now, ergo the Urgency is NOW!

My goal is to create a culture of change in healthcare. To bring about a collaborative approach for developing a National Action Plan for Health Equity. This will encourage engagement and involvement of all aspects of our communities through transparent, transitional and transformative engagement in healthcare. Together with the partnerships that begun in September at NMA’s Professional Development Series during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundations’ Annual Legislative Conference and continued at our National Colloquium on African American Health with addition of policy makers, faith-based and advocacy organizations to the team, we began our work to ensure that all members of the healthcare team recognize the diverse nature of our population and are prepared to be attentive to the needs of our healthcare universe of stakeholders.

The Urgency is Now! We need your voice as we implement a course that will ensure improved health outcomes.

I invite you to join us in Orlando, Florida August 11–15, were we will explore and review progress made, what works, and what needs to be changed in order to achieve our goal of   health equity in our communities. Our 26 excellent Scientific Section Chairs and their program committees have packed the conference with five days of CME sessions that serve to encourage scientific exchange, use of best practices, while maintaining, developing, or increasing your knowledge, skills, and professional performance you need to provide services for patients, the public or the professions.

NMA’s annual conference offers an opportunity to interact with amazing peers and colleagues from small rural towns to large urban cities, representing disciplines from Aerospace and Occupational Medicine to Women’s Health – just read their comments on attending NMA that are peppered throughout the website. However, we always leave time for you (and/or your family) to relax, network, party, attend dinners, play tennis or golf or explore the sights and sounds of Orlando.

See you in Orlando!



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Why I Attend Convention

It gives me a chance to network with other physicians who share my goals and the challenges I face working towards decreasing health disparities. As the Co-Director of the Rabb-Venable Excellence in Research Program, I also look forward each year to meeting with the youngest generation of underrepresented minority residents and medical students to join our community. In addition to mentoring the new ophthalmologists, I coordinate the Eye Education Program and free screenings with AAO and the Ophthalmology section for NMA attendees and the community.

Mildred M.G. Olivier, M.D., FACS