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Click here to registerThe NMA has contracted KiddieCorp to conduct Camp NMA-Zing 2022 in Atlanta, GA.  Founded in 1986, KiddieCorp has been the choice of top meeting planners for the past two decades.  Some years ago KiddieCorp associated with an organization that took their program to a higher level, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  KiddieCorp was instrumental in assisting the AAP in adapting requirements for healthy play, a healthy environment, and the nurturing of children, into the only written convention child care guidelines that exist. KiddieCorp continues to follow and fine-tune these guidelines today.  KiddieCorp is a proud and active member of:

  • Meeting Professionals International
  • American Society of Association Executives
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Association of Destination Management Executives

The Camp NMA-zing program will include qualified chaperones certified in First Aid and CPR; transportation; admission fees; daily lunches; two dinners; a t-shirt; and insurance. Our program takes place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Downtown. Activities are subject to change based on availability. Please make sure to feed your child breakfast daily before morning session.

KiddieCorp is always happy to answer questions. Please contact us:

Jannelle Mendoza
(858) 455-1718 Monday – Friday
(619) 395-0406 After hours or weekends

Preliminary program activities have been carefully selected with the goal of providing a wide range of age-appropriate, educational, social and cultural experiences unique to Atlanta, GA. KiddieCorp worked with members of the NMA and the Meeting Planner to develop a program which is convenient for parents and conventioneers, as well as, enjoyable and memorable for participants. The following activity descriptions detail the Camp NMA-Zing Youth 2022 Program. Activities are subject to change due to availability in July 2022.

The four-day Camp NMA-Zing Youth Program consists of day and evening sessions. Our chaperone-to-youth ratios ensure that participants receive safe, professional care. Program fees include: qualified chaperones certified in first aid and CPR, transportation; admissions; daily lunches; a t-shirt, and insurance. Each day, parents must drop off child at 8:30am, pick up child at 4:00pm, provide dinner for child, drop child off at 6:00pm for evening program and pick up child at 9:30pm except for Wednesday (the last day), which will conclude with pick up at 7:00pm. Program takes place at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Activities may be subject to change.

Age Group
Sunday, July 31
Monday, August 1
Tuesday, August 2
Wednesday, August 3

6 - 8 years

Sunday, July 31 Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Monday, August 1 Legoland Discovery Center

Tuesday, August 2 Trip to Zoo Atlanta, Grant Park

Wednesday, August 3 Center for Puppetry Arts

9 - 11 years

Sunday, July 31 Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Monday, August 1 World of Coca-Cola

Tuesday, August 2 Trip to Zoo Atlanta, Grant Park

Wednesday, August 3 Historic MLK/Civil Rights Tour

12 - 14 years

Sunday, July 31 Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Monday, August 1 World of Coca-Cola

Tuesday, August 2 Trip to Zoo Atlanta, Grant Park

Wednesday, August 3 Historic MLK/Civil Rights Tour

15 - 17 years

Sunday, July 31 Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Monday, August 1 World of Coca-Cola

Tuesday, August 2 Trip to Zoo Atlanta, Grant Park

Saturday, September 3 Historic MLK/Civil Rights Tour

Evening Entertainment for All Ages

Sunday, July 31 Comedy / Magic Show featuring James Brandon

Monday, August 1 “Bubblemania” by Anastasia’s Atlanta Bubble Show

Tuesday, August 2 DJ / Dance Party TaShiba Dance Company & Friends

Wednesday, August 3 Program Concludes at 7pm

Event Descriptions

Download Event DetailsKiddieCorp is working with NMA convention planners to develop a program which is convenient for parents and conventioneers, as well as enjoyable and memorable for the participants. The following activity descriptions detail the Camp NMA-Zing Youth 2022 program. Activities are subject to change due to availability.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium inspires, educates, and entertains millions of guests every day through its hundreds of exhibits and tens of thousands of animals across its seven major galleries. Notable specimens include sea lions, beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, and manta rays. Its centerpiece is a 6.3 million US gallons whale shark exhibit. Exploring is encouraged, and a Discovery Zone contains multiple hands-on activities. The aquarium features a 4D theatre & a virtual reality simulator that takes guests on a trip through prehistoric seas. Sharks! Predators of the Deep is the newest gallery to be added to the Georgia Aquarium.

Comedy Magic Show

James Brandon’s sister gave him a starter magic kit when he was 12. Little did he know it would lead to a professional career as an illusionist, emcee and actor. He was a hit in Europe with his high-tech magic show and performed for the royal family of Monaco. He spent 13 years in Las Vegas as a headliner, and was part of the shows “Splash” at the Riviera and “Imagine” at the Luxor. He delights children with age-specific magic tricks and routines, and has them laughing at his hilarious visual comedy bits. Kids actually get his jokes and he features tons of audience participation moments. Your child can even perform magic with James (if they want to)!

Center for Puppetry Arts

Get ready to rethink everything you know about puppets and puppeteers. Live shows, workshops, and exhibitions will delight younger children in a highly interactive format where they enjoy puppet theatre and get to make their own puppet. Think favorites like Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Cookie Monster and fascinating puppet evolution thanks to Jim Hanson and the Muppets. Experience puppets from around the world.

World of Coca-Cola

An attraction dedicated to a soft drink? That’s like saying the Taj Mahal is just a building. The World of Coca-Cola experience is so much more, as teens grow to understand the role of an iconic brand in pop culture over the years, and the history and nature of a worldwide brand’s advertising. It’s mind-blowing to taste coke products from all over the world, as there are 5 different tasting stations featuring 100 different flavors. Some of the flavors are surprisingly good and some are… not. The bottle works area demonstrates the bottling process and guests see how the machines work together to fill a bottle of Coke and prepare it to ship all over the world. Finally, behold the Vault of the Secret Formula, where the original coke formula is securely stored behind locked doors and sophisticated sensors!

Anastasia’s Bubble Show

Everyone will be immersed in a fascinating world where thousands of bubbles shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. See bubbles of unusual shapes, from tiny to gigantic sizes, huge soap trails and funny dancing bubbles, and bubbles that bounce and float inside other bubbles. Experience smoky bubbles and incredible fire volcanoes, and beautiful bubble flowers. Children can make a wish inside of a Giant Bubble! With a little magic, they learn how to make soap bubbles using just their hands.

Zoo Atlanta

Viewed as one of the finest zoos in the U.S., Zoo Atlanta offers memorable close encounters with more than 1,000 animals from around the world. In a well-shaded environment, guests wander freely and marvel at animal habitats that include some of the largest populations of always-entertaining apes and orangutans. The elephant’s enclosure is amazing but most will agree, visiting the giants Pandas is a highlight of the trip. One of only 3 U.S. institutions to feature the adorable black & white critters, Zoo Atlanta invites you to meet Ya Lun and Xi Lun, a set of twins born to Lun Lun in September 2016.

DJ/Dance Party

TaShiba Dance Company believes anyone can dance, because movement IS dance. Their show incorporates three essential parts: dance education, dance instruction, and finally, a dance demonstration. As a group, guests will delight in learning hip hop, African, and contemporary dance moves, and learn to understand that dancing is life, and emotion expressed through motion. Professional dancers are led by Natasha Maughan, who studied Performing Arts and has founded dance troupes from here to Barbados. She has performed on stages with Rihanna, Shaun Escoffery, Allison Hinds and Romeo – to name a few. Here passion for dance shines though in an interactive, engaging, and exciting celebration of culture and harmony. Our last night is full of music, as our DJ extraordinaire will entertain those who have finished or are not yet part of the show, and trade dance for favorite tunes and energy that will have kids singing to rap, dance, hip hop, rock, or you name it tunes!

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Our youngsters are about to experience a LEGO world of color, creativity and excitement. Twelve unique family attractions and activities plus a 4D cinema. This dynamic playground showcases Atlanta landmarks made of LEGO, and children can learn building tricks at the Master Builder Academy. LEGO attractions include the Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice adventure rides, where with the latter, guests control an enchanted cart to conjure the sorcerer’s spell and soar into the sky. Miniland is a marvel depicting the Atlanta skyline, made out of LEGO bricks… 1.5 million to be exact!

Historic MLK/Civil Rights Tour

Atlanta is a city of heroes. A city steeped with block after block of historic buildings and places where Black people struggled and prospered to make Atlanta the citadel for Black America and the cradle of the Civil Rights movement. See the city sights that were significant in changing the face of America, and hear from Civil Rights icons Andrew Young, John Lewis, and Julian Bond. Witness the birth house of Dr. King, the Ebenezer Baptist church, and the crypt of MLK & Coretta Scott King. Your tour guide is informative, kind hearted and funny. He has a connection to the King family! Hear stories and freedom songs that are captivating and moving. See the sights that are woven in rich history that matter to everyone. Enjoy the personal stories of Dr. King as a regular guy, a loving husband and father, these rarely-heard stories are the most precious of ALL the hidden gems on this tour!


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